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“FLOW” currently provides savings for several dozen companies with customized logistics services. For several, this is basic freight transportation savings, and for others, it includes all logistics services with order processing, product storage, order fulfillment, shipment consolidations and optimization of LTL shipments, and full freight management services as requested. “FLOW” is currently tendering freight for customers in many states. Full accounting services on product sales and inventory management is provided to some companies as an added service. A number of specialty products distributors across the U.S. now convey their orders to FLOW for collection from Wisconsin manufacturers, consolidation and shipment to them for convenience and optimized freight savings. FLOW also collects, cross docks, and consolidates shipments for WI and CA manufacturers for shipment to their customers in WI, IL, NY, NJ, FL, MA, and several other states.

FLOW arranges LTL and TL refrigerated, dry, and frozen product freight, inbound and outbound from Wisconsin to every state and Canada, and movements between all states. FLOW has also developed economically advantageous steady and continuous truckload programs for several customers. FLOW utilizes a web based freight management system which allows for on line secure real time information exchange with customers and carriers.

In the case of LTL, there are hundreds of destination rate categories that vary by state, region, and zip codes. In many cases rates also vary by origin within each state, by day of pickup, required delivery day, and specific consignee characteristics. This creates dozens of variables for many seemingly simple shipments. FLOW develops options for most customers to allow for cost / value business decisions. 

Orders are currently received from our customers by fax, e-mail, or by EDI. Upon receiving every order, multi-stop TL consolidation opportunities are explored - followed by optimizing the various alternatives of LTL available. Shipments are made on weekly scheduled routines, short notice, and in expedited situations utilizing service-orientated carriers. Cost advantageous cross docking systems have been developed for orders throughout the US as alternatives to cross country shipments. FLOW has developed efficient and cost effective redistribution systems for small LTL orders in some metro regions of the country.

A warehouse, cross dock, order fulfillment, and freight consolidation system for shipments (WICONLOGISTICS) has been developed. As it grows, this dynamic and integrated system will provide all participating partners further savings, service enhancements, and expanded distribution exposure.

If you would like more information on F.L.O.W. and how our services will benefit you, please visit our website.

For your logistics needs and opportunities, please consider letting FLOW help by servicing your needs.



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